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The Ten Traits of a Great PR Agency
  1. Your agency should know your company and its business beyond just the public/media relations function. A great agency should have a broader grasp of your company's business and markets and how the agency's communications efforts will impact your bottom line.

  2. Your agency should demonstrate real concern, dedication and involvement in moving your company and its business forward.

  3. Your agency should be willing to attack problems and seize opportunities BEFORE you ask them to.

  4. Your agency should be aggressive in its approach and understanding in its dealings with your employees.

  5. Your agency should display independent and open thinking that results in objective judgment and recommendations. A great agency is equally capable at positioning and strategy development as well as media relations tactics and execution.

  1. Your agency should provide value-added contributions to strategies and tactics at all levels of agency management. A great agency knows the players, what to do and when to do it.

  2. Your agency should be timely and accurate in everything it does. A great agency is on time, on budget and first in quality.

  3. Your agency should produce materials that sell your product and your company in the marketplace and with all of your potential audiences.

  4. Your agency should be ready, willing and able to perform and be measured against clearly defined objectives.

  5. Your agency should bill for services requested and rendered fairly, accurately and competitively. A great agency understands budget constraints and works with you to get the most from each budget dollar.