Porchivina & Associates Public Relations


Technology Expertise.

A key to gaining consistent, positive coverage in the high-tech arena is a solid relationship with the editors and analysts that cover technology. Porchivina and Associates has developed those relationships and has a respected reputation among technology trade and business editors.

First Rate Resources.

Determining how you should portray your company and its products tomorrow depends on how you are perceived today. Porchivina and Associates can provide a direct pipeline between key editors and analysts and your marketing team.

No Shoehorning.

We pride ourselves on offering the services that our clients need, not what they can pay for. P&A will tailor its services to fit the coverage and budget requirements of almost any company. From establishing a full service communications program to setting up a one-time press tour, Porchivina and Associates gets the job done.

No Excuses. Ever.

In high-tech public relations, results are what count. Porchivina and Associates is in the business of providing its clients with positive coverage. Small product upgrades and major corporate announcements receive the same meticulous attention to detail that is a hallmark of our firm.